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Water Delivery – Pipes and Pumps

Main Pumping Station

The RIT Main Pumping Station (MPS) is located on the River Murray, just 800 metres from the town centre of Renmark.

The MPS incorporates six main pumps, driven by electric motors, capable of pumping up to 5000 litres a second in total.

The MPS uses programmable controllers to automatically start and stop pumps according to the demand flow. The pressure is automatically maintained by controlling the speed of the pump motors.

An aerial photo of the MPS located on James Avenue, Renmark


The Renmark Irrigation District has been fully piped since 1975 with over 140km of irrigation pipelines covering a cropping area over 4,900 hectares. The pipes range in size from 200mm-1500mm with materials used including reinforced concrete, fibrolite, glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and PVC.

Map showing the Main Pumping Station and the pipeline overlay on the Renmark Irrigation District

Supply Connections – Water Meters

The Trust serves over 600 irrigators with around 750 metered irrigation supply connections ranging in size from 40mm to 200mm. The predominantly installed size is 150mm.

Each Irrigation Supply Connection includes a Magnetic flow meter with LCD display that shows flow rate and kilolitres used, as well as an Ajenti radio telemetry device. Meter reading and flow data are transmitted every 15 minutes to the main office for live monitoring and billing purposes.

The Trust also serves over 1300 house and garden supply connections with meters sized from 25mm-40mm. As at 2019 the majority of house and garden meters are PSM mechanical meters with an inbuilt debris screen. The Trust is transitioning to electronic meters with the benefits of drive-by reading and reduced incidents of blockages.