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Environmental Watering

On 20 April 2016 the Renmark Irrigation Trust became the first irrigation body in Australia to enter a partnership with the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder to return water to parts of the environment that have suffered long term degradation due to past irrigation practices.

To 30 June 2019 Trust has delivered over 500ML to five sites, inundating 84 hectares.

The regeneration of sections of floodplains also involves partnerships with Nature Foundation South Australia, the Renmark Paringa Council, the Renmark Paringa Landcare and local landholders.

“… the RIT is the first irrigation settlement in Australia, one of the first to be completely piped, and the first trust to partner with the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder to deliver environmental water, they have long demonstrated the innovation and courage required to be world’s best”

SA Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Tim Whetstone

Environmental Watering Sites

The Trust has eight active environmental watering sites with a further seven to be added by 2022. The following listings provide a snapshot of each site noting the predominant flora in the area.

Active Sites

Johnson Waterhole

Johnson Waterhole May 2021

Johnson Waterhole was the first environmental watering site. During 2013-14, the Trust, in partnership with the Nature Foundation SA – Water for Nature and the local government commenced a project to deliver environmental water to Johnson Waterhole, initially using pumps and then the Trust’s water supply network.

Within three years of receiving yearly environmental water, the site transformed from a site dominated by Samphire to a wetland with a diverse range of native semiaquatic and floodplain plant species. The site is now ringed by patches of young eucalyptus and acacia trees and Lignum bushes.

Twentysixth Street

Black Swan nesting at the Twentysixth Street site

Black Box, Lignum, Nitre Bush, and Samphire dominates the Twentysixth Street site.

Namoi Street

Namoi Street site in March 2019 before watering

The same site in August 2020 after watering

Namoi Street is dominated by Samphire with young Lignum and Saltbush along the high floodplain edge of site. The odd Black Box sapling appears along the high floodplain edge of site.

Nelwart Street

Nelwart Street site during watering

The Nelwart Street site contains River Red Gum, Black Box, Cooba, Lignum, Spike Sedge, Nitre Bush, as well as Spreading Emu Bush species.

Jane Eliza Woodlot  

Aerial view of the Jane Eliza Woodlot site during watering

The Jane Eliza Woodlot is dominated by Swamp Oak and KI Tea Tree with a number of WA Eucalyptus species. The remainder of this site is dominated by Samphire.

Paroo Street

Paroo Street site pre-watering

Paroo Street is split into two site classifications, consisting of:

Site A containing Black Box, Reed Lignum, Common Reed, Samphire and Smooth Heliotrope

Site B containing non local Eucalyptus, KI Tea Tree, Cooba, Lignum, Common Reed, Smooth Heliotrope, and Variable Groundsel .

Begara Street

Begara Street site pre-watering

This site contains Lignum, Common Reed, Emu Bush, Ruby Saltbush, and Black Box seedlings.

Plush’s Bend

Plush’s Bend site pre-watering

Located south of the Renmark township, this site contains predominantly River Red Gum Saplings and Lignum. Samphire to diverse range of low salinity species is also present.

Sites to be active by 2022

Twentyfirst Street Bridge – North

Twentyfirst Street Bridge – North site pre-watering

Black Box with Lignum, Nitre Bush and River Salt Bush, along with a groundcover of Samphire with areas of Poverty Bush and Bladder Salt Bush are present at this site.

Bookmark Creek Wetlands – Main Basin

Bookmark Creek Wetlands – Main Basin site pre-watering

River Red Gum, Black Box with Lignum and Common Reed are present, along with temporary wetland Common Reed, Small Monkey-Flower and Bushy Starwort.

Bookmark Creek Wetlands –  NE Basin

Bookmark Creek Wetlands – NE Basin site pre-watering

KI Tea Tree with Lignum and Common Reed, as well as Samphire with Smooth Heliotrope and Salt Bush species are present.

Bookmark Creek Wetlands – NW Basin

Bookmark Creek Wetlands – NW Basin pre-watering

There is some Swamp Oak encroachment from adjacent woodlot here. High elevation Samphire with a diverse array of species are also present. Temporary wetland Cumbungi, Bushy Stinkwort and other low salinity tolerant species are dispersed through the site.

Pony Club

Pony Club site pre-watering

Black Box is presented at this site which is predominatly dominated by Samphire with Salt Bush species, Round-leaf Pigface and two patches of Lignum also present.

Ral Ral Bridge Floodplain

Ral Ral Bridge Floodplain site pre-watering

KI Tea Tree, Black Box and Swamp Oak planted on Bookmark Creek dredged embankment is present. This site is also dominated by Samphire.

Warrego Street

Warrego Street site pre-watering

Lignum, Nitre and River Salt Bush is present across the site with Black Box along the western side.  Groundcover Samphire, Desert Glasswort and Round-leaf Pigface also populate this site.