Report a Fault: (08) 8586 6050Annual General Meeting on 5/12/2022

Renmark Community Meeting – 1 December

When: Thursday 1 December 6-7.30pm

Where: Renmark Greek Church Hall, Twentyfirst Street

Topic: River Murray flows and their impact. It will also outline ways to be prepared.

Organised by the State Emergency Service

The meeting will be live-streamed on the SA State Emergency Service Facebook page at 6pm on Thursday December 1

50th Anniversary tours of the Main Pumping Station

1 December 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the commissioning of the Trust’s Main Pumping Station. It was one of 3 transformational projects which were driven by the Trust’s Board and staff, from 1960-1977. The new main pumping station replaced a network of pumping stations which had been operational since the early 1900s.

The flamboyant Premier of the day, Don Dunstan, commissioned the pumping station. He attended a celebratory lunch at the Renmark Club and steered the Liba Liba to view the new site from the River

As part of 50th celebrations, the Trust is offering tours of the Main Pumping Station.

You will be able to view various parts of the station while Trust staff explain the functions of the pumps and fully automated control equipment. Like many visitors to the MPS, you may be surprised by the technology and scale of the pumps, motors, pipes and electrical equipment that are required to meet irrigation demand in the Trust district.

Tours will only take place if access to the pumping station is not impacted by High River Flows

When: Thurs 1 Dec  2pm  AND  Sunday 4 Dec 2pm  (approx. 1 hour)

Where:  RIT Main Pumping Station, James Ave, Renmark

Free but bookings required

Book here:

Or phone the RIT office (08) 8586 6911

*** Change of time ** Notice of Temporary Shutdown


Renmark Irrigation Trust has agreed for Enel X to install a grid connected battery at the Main Pumping Station that will provide stability to the grid.

Installation work is planned to occur on 22-24 November 2022 and so pumping will continue at a slightly reduced capacity.

This will not impact water supply, apart from two, approximately 1 hour periods, where a complete shutdown will occur.

These times are:

6am – 7am Tuesday 22 November

Now 10.30am -11.30 am (was 6am – 7am) Thursday 24 November

Growers should schedule irrigations to avoid the two early morning shutdowns.

Keep up to date with Flood advice from the Council’s webpage

For all the up to date information on high water levels, levees and road closures in the Renmark Paringa Council area go to the Council’s flood advice page.

It has lots of information which is updated regularly

Drainage news for RIT customers after heavy rainfall

Renmark Irrigation Trust advises the closed ground water drainage system is operating at full capacity. The system manages salinity with the drains around one meter below the surface; it is not a storm water management system.

All pumps in the drainage system are functioning. Staff are resolving issues that have arisen from the large volumes of storm water entering the system via private ground water drainage systems on horticulture land, including from the Chaffey Trust Cooltong area.

UPDATE 27th October

Although the situation continues to slowly improve, as we recover from the weekend’s extreme rainfall event, we ask that you do not pump directly into the drainage sumps, without approval from the Trust.

Staff are working to clear the restricted flows as they occur. Please contact us if you have any concerns about your crops on (08) 8586 6050.

26th October

Please cease direct pumping into the cassions. RIT’s sub surface drainage system remains backed up in some areas. To enable the system to function as designed we ask that all direct pumping into sumps cease. A further update will be provided tomorrow

5pm on 25 October

The ground water drainage system remains under pressure due to the high rainfall. The extra flow demand has caused a number of pipe breaks which are being repaired. If you have any urgent concerns for your crop please contact us on (08) 8586 6050.

Fish and Flows – Riverland Community Forum on 27th October

Come along to hear about the currenbt status of Murray cod and golden perch and how the river flows can benefit fish. Speakers are from the Commonwealth Environmental Office, SARDI and other partners.

Renmark Hotel – 27th October 7pm

Details are below – Bookings via Eventbrite

Essential maintenance for Government Road upgrade

There is a planned outage for essential maintenance:

17 Oct 9.30pm to 18 Oct 4pm

The outage is to facilitate the Government Road upgrade.

Please see the MAP below for the affected areas.


Update 8am on Thursday 14 July

Full water delivery capacity is now available and irrigators may return to normal watering.

Functionality of the water delivery system was restored last night with only minor adjustments to be made today.

RIT is appreciative of the support, encouragement and understanding provided by the community during this major emergency repair.

Update at 5pm on Tuesday 12 July

Repairs are still underway to fix the unexpected water outage at the main pump station. However, water will be available for domestic purposes tonight.

It is anticipated that by the end of tomorrow full service and pressure will be restored.

Previous Updates

Update at 2pm on Tuesday 12 July

Unfortunately there has been an unexpected water outage at the main pump station. The source of the leak causing the outage has been identified and repair processes are underway. Some water is likely to be available later tonight and a further update will be provided toward the end of the day.

Update at 5pm on Monday 11 July

Unfortunately there has been an unexpected outage at the Trust’s main pump station. The water outage has been caused by a leak at the start of the pipeline distribution system as it leaves the main pump station. The precise source of the leak has not yet been identified. The three main pipelines in the area make excavations a very slow process due to the large size, depth and close proximity of the pipelines. The main pumping infrastructure remains fully functional. The main pump station will remain off overnight. Thank you for your understanding.

High Flow Advice – SA River Murray

Due to the increased flow upstream of the South Australian border, the Department for Environment and Water predicts that flow in the River Murray is likely to reach a peak of between 40,000 ML/day and 45, 000 ML/day in the first two weeks of July 2022. The flow is expected to exceed 40,000 ML/day on or around 27 June 2022. At this flow rate, inundation above normal pool level is expected to be limited to low-lying areas of the floodplain. However, the main River Murray channel is expected to experience high flow.  Operating watercraft and swimming in the main River Murray channel can be more hazardous during high flow. Submerged objects, debris and the force of the current can present a risk to public safety.  People operating watercraft, swimming, canoeing or participating in other activities on the main River Murray channel are advised to be aware of the risk of high flow, and take precautions to protect life and property.  Backwaters, lakes and other parts of the river away from the main channel are likely to be less affected by the high flows, and present lower risks to life and property.

Requests for assistance for on-water incidents or inundation of property should be directed to the SA State Emergency Service (SES) on 132 500. 

For life-threatening emergencies call 000.

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