Report a Fault: (08) 8586 6050Annual General Meeting on 6/12/2021

Planned Supply Outage 9pm September 14 – 5pm September 15

The Trust will be undertaking essential maintenance on infrastructure in the area outlined on the map below on the morning of the Wednesday 15 September 2021.

Water supply will cease in this area from 9pm Tuesday 14 September and be restored as quickly as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Your ideas are needed

Researchers from the Department of Geography, Environment and Population at the University of Adelaide are keen to know how RIT customers cope with risks which are part of farming today.

E.g. have you diversified your crops, started on-farm tourism, or increased your off-farm income?

Your ideas will not only benefit the research project but will also help RIT understand the issues that you face every day.

Please fill in the quick online survey here

Two new environmental watering sites in Renmark

The Commonwealth Environmental watering partnership between the Trust and the CEWH has moved up a notch with the construction of two new sites in Renmark, bringing the number of active sites to 12.

The Ral Ral Floodplain site (bottom right), near the Renmark hospital, and the Bookmark Creek Wetlands NW Basin site (bottom left) saw their very first watering last week. Regular flushing over the next few years will help to rehabilitate the ancient floodplains which run alongside the River Murray as it winds past irrigation blocks on the outskirts of Renmark.

These two areas have been denuded in the last 70 years by saline ground water and inappropriate inundation from storm water. The flushing will continue for up to three months and it is hoped that it will halt the decline of long lived species such as Black box and Lignum. The reduction in soil salinity will promote the regeneration of less salt tolerant plant species. We may also see the return of black swans and other waterbirds!

Trust Office open for essential enquiries only

The Trust office is now providing friendly customer service through our front window of the office. This is in accordance with the Stage 3 restrictions which are currently in place for South Australia.

If your visit is not essential please contact us by phone or email during business hours, 8586 6911 or

Account payments can be made online via EFT, or over the phone and we encourage you to continue to use these options.

For water orders or water related incidents or concerns (i.e. pipe breaks/outages) please ring (08) 8586 6050.

Due to COVID-19 lockdown the Trust Office is closed

To best continue serving the community, the Trust Office is now closed to the public due to the COVID-19 lockdown. As an essential service, the Trust will continue to operate, so please call the Office on (08) 8586 6911 with any queries or email

Account payments can be made online via EFT, or over the phone.

For water orders or water related incidents or concerns (i.e. pipe breaks/outages) please ring (08) 8586 6050.

July is Jams, Preserves and Baking month

The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) needs your help to stop fruit fly spreading and their series continues into winter, with July being Jams, Preserves and Baking month!

Put your chef’s hat on and cook up a storm with your excess fruit at home.

If you live in a fruit fly red outbreak area, once purchased or picked, you can’t move or share fruit and vegetables that are at risk from fruit fly with your family, friends or neighbours. But you can cook them and then share your delightful creations!

If you’ve got a heap of winter fruit in your garden, pick it off the trees and collect it off the ground. The goal is to remove fruit so it’s not available to fruit fly over winter and into the spring. Make sure unwanted fruit is going into your green bin, not your compost.

Get your bake on to use up excess produce, here are some ideas:

  • bake a fruit-based cheesecake
  • bake a fruit pie
  • bake a fruit tart (remember to cook it)
  • make lemon curd (use as a spread or in a lemon meringue pie)
  • make a fruit jam or jelly
  • make a fruit paste (e.g. quince)
  • make citrus marmalade
  • make preserved lemons.

Get your jam on – if your fruit bowl is chock full, use up your fruit.

For recipes and ideas, follow Primary Industries and Regions SA on Facebook

Opening water allocation for 2021-22 is 100 percent

The latest announcement  from the Department of Environment and Water on June 15 has given RIT irrigators confidence about the new season.  From July 1, the water allocation will be 100 percent.

There will be no carryover of water into the new water year (2021-2022) as the projected minimum allocation announced on 15 April was greater than 50 percent.

For more information please see the announcement on the DEW website here 

Schedule of Charges July to December 2021

Fruit Fly Update – Alternative Control Strategies

The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) is responding to fruit fly outbreaks in the Riverland in Renmark West, Monash, Berri, Pike River and Cooltong.

To boost the eradication strategy, PIRSA is offering alternative control strategies to landholders within red outbreak areas.

If you’re within a red outbreak area, these strategies may impact the management of fruit fly on your property and require a discussion with one of our staff to work through how they can be best applied.

Please contact PIRSA as soon as possible so we can get your details to enable our staff to book at time to discuss the options for your property and work through the best option for you.

What you need to do

  1. Check if you are in a red outbreak area
  2. Call PIRSA’s industry hotline on 1800 255 556 or email

PIRSA will take your details to enable their staff to book a time to meet with you and discuss the options for your property.

More information about the outbreaks


Water supply to all RIT customers between Cucumunga Street and Twentyeighth Street (refer to map) will cease from 9.00am Wednesday 12 May 2021 until Midnight Thursday 13 May 2021 for staff to undertake emergency infrastructure repairs.

This shutdown is in relation to the supply disruption affecting the Crescent area.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these unexpected circumstances.