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Ral Ral Bridge Floodplain

The Ral Ral Bridge Floodplain site follows the dredged embankment of Bookmark Creek, to the north east of Ral Ral Bridge in Renmark. In the survey of 2018, the floodplain vegetation consisted of KI tea tree, black box and swamp oak. There was also an abundance of samphire, which is commonly found in soil that has a high level of salt. The area has been denuded by saline ground water and inappropriate inundation from storm water from the 1920s until the 1980s. In the last few decades, channels have been built to take away the salty irrigation water to Disher Creek and from there to the Noora Basin near Loxton. 

The first flushing of this site took place from July to September 2021. It is hoped that it will halt the decline of long-lived species such as black box. In time, the reduction in soil salinity will eventually promote the regeneration of less salt tolerant plant species. Monitoring at the site has so far recorded seven species of waterbirds, four species of bush land birds and four frog species.

Aerial view of the Ral Ral Bridge Floodplain site with Jane Eliza Woodlot to the left (August 2021)
The site during the flood (December 2022)

Ral Ral Bridge Floodplain before watering (June 2021)
The site during watering (July 2021)