Report a Fault: (08) 8586 6050| AGM 2 December 2024


Update 8am on Thursday 14 July

Full water delivery capacity is now available and irrigators may return to normal watering.

Functionality of the water delivery system was restored last night with only minor adjustments to be made today.

RIT is appreciative of the support, encouragement and understanding provided by the community during this major emergency repair.

Update at 5pm on Tuesday 12 July

Repairs are still underway to fix the unexpected water outage at the main pump station. However, water will be available for domestic purposes tonight.

It is anticipated that by the end of tomorrow full service and pressure will be restored.

Previous Updates

Update at 2pm on Tuesday 12 July

Unfortunately there has been an unexpected water outage at the main pump station. The source of the leak causing the outage has been identified and repair processes are underway. Some water is likely to be available later tonight and a further update will be provided toward the end of the day.

Update at 5pm on Monday 11 July

Unfortunately there has been an unexpected outage at the Trust’s main pump station. The water outage has been caused by a leak at the start of the pipeline distribution system as it leaves the main pump station. The precise source of the leak has not yet been identified. The three main pipelines in the area make excavations a very slow process due to the large size, depth and close proximity of the pipelines. The main pumping infrastructure remains fully functional. The main pump station will remain off overnight. Thank you for your understanding.