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Improved minimum opening allocations

The Department for Environment and Water announced that the minimum opening water allocation for South Australian irrigators has risen to 26 percent for 2019-20.

Based on recent rainfall and water availability data, this is up from previously projected water allocations of 14 percent in April and 22 percent in May.

Despite the extended dry period, further increases to water allocations are likely. Most inflows to the River Murray System historically occur between July and October, so the main inflow season is yet to arrive.

Founded on historical climate variability across the last 30 years, water availability projections indicate a 90 percent likelihood that allocations will increase to at least 87 percent and just over a 70 percent likelihood that allocations will increase to 100 percent.

The next update will be on 1 July and water users will be provided with fortnightly water allocation updates, which will reflect any improved water availability while water allocations remain under 100 percent.

For more information about water allocations, visit the Department for Environment and Water’s website: