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High Flow Advice – SA River Murray

Due to the increased flow upstream of the South Australian border, the Department for Environment and Water predicts that flow in the River Murray is likely to reach a peak of between 40,000 ML/day and 45, 000 ML/day in the first two weeks of July 2022. The flow is expected to exceed 40,000 ML/day on or around 27 June 2022. At this flow rate, inundation above normal pool level is expected to be limited to low-lying areas of the floodplain. However, the main River Murray channel is expected to experience high flow.  Operating watercraft and swimming in the main River Murray channel can be more hazardous during high flow. Submerged objects, debris and the force of the current can present a risk to public safety.  People operating watercraft, swimming, canoeing or participating in other activities on the main River Murray channel are advised to be aware of the risk of high flow, and take precautions to protect life and property.  Backwaters, lakes and other parts of the river away from the main channel are likely to be less affected by the high flows, and present lower risks to life and property.

Requests for assistance for on-water incidents or inundation of property should be directed to the SA State Emergency Service (SES) on 132 500. 

For life-threatening emergencies call 000.

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