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Namoi Street

Prior to the environmental watering program, Namoi Street was dominated by samphire, young lignum, saltbush and the odd black box sapling along the high floodplain edge of the site.

The site has been part of the RIT Water for Environment Program since 2017, and has received flushed water from irrigation pipes every year, apart from 2020-21. As a result of the watering, the soil is becoming less saline and vegetation is regenerating at the site, which is bordered by the vineyard blocks of Renmark North.

Monitoring has revealed that five species of frog use the habitat at the Namoi Street site – including the southern bell frog and a great diversity of bird species.

Straw necked ibis in flight at Namoi Street
Yellow billed spoonbill foraging in the wetland
Black swan foraging at the Namoi Street site
Environmental water is helping the vegetation grow back – creating habitat for a range of animal species