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Johnsons Waterhole

Johnsons Waterhole was the first environmental watering site. During 2013-14, the Trust, in partnership with the Nature Foundation SA – Water for Nature and the local government started a project to deliver environmental water to Johnson Waterhole, initially using pumps and then the Trust’s water supply network.

Within three years of receiving yearly environmental water, Johnsons Waterhole was transformed from a site dominated by samphire to a wetland with a diverse range of native semi aquatic and floodplain plant species. The site is now ringed by patches of young eucalyptus, acacia trees and lignum bushes and provides habitat for a diverse array of bird and frog species. Eight frog species have been recorded, including the vulnerable southern bell frog.

A case study of Johnson Waterhole from 2011-2020 can be found here

Johnsons Waterhole in October 2020 looking towards Jane Eliza Woodlot
Vegetation regenerating around Johnsons Waterhole (February 2023)
Johnsons Waterhole when dry (August 2020)
Johnsons Waterhole during watering (July 2021)
Johnsons Waterhole during the flood (November 2022)
Abundant plant and bird life at Johnsons Waterhole (April 2021)