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Jane Eliza Woodlot

The Jane Eliza Woodlot environmental watering site is located between Johnsons Waterhole and Bookmark Creek, and lies to the north east of Ral Ral Avenue, near the Renmark Paringa District Hospital.

In 2016, the site was dominated by samphire with the woodlot section dominated by swamp oak, KI tea tree and a number of Western Australian eucalyptus species.

Since watering began in 2017, the site has been transformed. During the watering periods, the traditional northern link to Johnsons Waterhole has been restored, as well as the southern link to Bookmark Creek. This now allows water to flow across a significant section of the Ral Ral floodplain.

The site provides habitat for a diverse range of birds and frogs. During monitoring at the site, 18 species of waterbird, seven species of bush land bird and four species of frog have been recorded.

Jane Eliza Woodlot, in the top left of the picture, during watering in August 2021
Jane Eliza woodlot when dry (July 2019)
Jane Eliza Woodlot during watering (July 2021)
Aerial view of the site looking toward Ral Ral Bridge during the flood (December 2022)