Report a Fault: (08) 8586 6050 AGM - 4 December 2023

Bookmark Creek Wetlands – NE Basin

The survey of Bookmark Creek Wetlands (NE Basin) was completed in February 2018. At this time the site contained KI tea tree and lignum bushes. The ground cover was dominated by samphire and smooth hellotrope with patches of bladder, climbing and marsh saltbush. There was no obvious signs of tree regeneration, due to the denuded landscape.

This site is due to be ready for the 2023-24 watering year. By June 2023, there will be new infrastructure in place which includes a new pipeline, floodgate and earthworks to increase the Bookmark Creek embankment, which lies on the north-west side of the site.

Aerial view of the site – to the right of Bookmark Creek (August 2021)