Report a Fault: (08) 8586 6050| AGM 2 December 2024

Bookmark Creek Wetlands – Main Basin

The survey in February 2016 found that there were river red gums and black boxes scattered throughout the site. The southern part of the site was dominated by extensive areas of healthy and unhealthy lignum with patches of common reed. The northern end of the site was ringed by dense common reeds, small monkey-flower and bushy starwort. As with the other environmental sites, the ground cover was predominately samphire, heliotrope, curled dock and blown grass.

The infrastructure for the site is scheduled to be built by June 2023, ready for its first watering in July 2023. The infrastructure will include a a number of new pipelines. It is also anticipated that there will be dredging for a new channel to connect Bookmark Creek to storm water outlets on Nineteenth Street.

Bookmark Creek Wetlands – Main Basin before watering (2016)
Bookmark Creek Wetlands – Main Basin during the flood (December 2022)