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Begara Street

There are vineyards along both sides of Begara Street which is parallel to Paroo Street, in Renmark North. In 2016, when the Begara Street site was surveyed, there were scattered lignum bushes, common reeds, emu bushes, ruby saltbushes, and black box seedlings on the floodplain.

Before the watering program commenced, the soil contained a high level of salt due to the flushing of irrigation water on the floodplains in the mid to late twentieth century. The site has drip lines to provide water to the vegetation on the high edge of the floodplain. After three years of watering over a four year period, the health of vegetation in this area has markedly improved.

Aerial view of the Begara Street site in May 2021
Begara Street site before watering (July 2019)
Begara Street site during watering (September 2019)
Begara Street site during high flow conditions, highlighting the importance of flood events (September 2022)
The site during the flood (December 2022)