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Bookmark Creek Wetlands – NW Basin

The initial survey of the Bookmark Creek Wetlands – NW Basin in 2018, indicated there was some swamp oak encroachment from the adjacent woodlot. The site was covered with samphire and also a diverse array of other species including cumbungi, bushy stinkwort and other low salinity tolerant species.

This site became operational in July 2021 as part of the RIT Water for Environment program in collaboration with CEWH. The site has been flooded with 65ML of water through the Trust’s pipe network which has kick started the rehabilitation of the site. Frog species recorded include the eastern banjo frog, spotted marsh frog, Peron’s tree frog and Murray Valley froglet. During bird surveys, 10 species of waterbird and 12 species of bush land bird have been observed.

Ral Ral Creek first water
First watering in July 2021
Bookmark Creek NW Basin before watering (June 2021)
Bookmark Creek NW Basin after watering and heavy rain event (October 2022)
Bookmark Creek NW Basin during flood (December 2022)